• Why Wearing No Makeup is Ok

    When I was younger, I remember that I never left the house without eyeliner on. It was almost a sin for me to not put makeup on. I felt that my skin was not flawless enough to face the public eye without putting on another mask. I’d like to think that I’ve grown a little bit wiser over the years and, while I still have a long way to go, I’ve learnt one very important thing: It’s totally OK to be confident in your own skin. It’s definitely not easy and it takes time to get there, but when you do, you’ll realise that our mind sometimes gets preoccupied by so many trivial things. Case in point: What other people think about us.

    I think a big part of gaining self-confidence is to let go of other people’s opinion about you and start to focus on what you think of YOU. Sometimes I go out wearing just a jumper, jeans and sneakers. So I started doing that. Sometimes I don’t want to spend an hour in front of my mirror re-arranging my eyebrows, applying different layers of eyeshadow and deciding which lipstick to carve on my lips. So I started going out without make-up. I’m in no means saying that I don’t like wearing make-up. In fact, I will very often put on make-up before I head out of the house. I’m just saying that, there are days when I just couldn’t be bothered, and that’s perfectly ok.

    Living in a country where no one knows who you are gives you the freedom and privilege of being who you want to be. It also made me realise that you don’t need a new country to make you feel this way. It’s ok to have an off day and go out in a hoodie. It’s ok to have a few pimples on your cheek. It’s ok if you REALLY want that new Gigi Hadid cardigan but you can’t possibly afford it. Being YOU is what’s important, and yes, you WITHOUT make-up is definitely ok!

    Lyn x

    How To Be Happy With What You've Got

    Lyndsey Grima, 21 years old. University Student, living in Malta. A lover of all things fashion and beauty

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