• Sleek, you Impressed me.


    I haven’t been familiar with Sleek for very long which makes me think something along the lines of ‘where have you been all my life?!’. I was super impressed with the Solstice Highlighting Palette but that’s a tale for another time as I’m planning something super special for that one. Today I’m shining the spotlight onto the Colour Corrector and the Power Plump Lip Crayon in Notorious Nude.

    This isn’t my first experience with colour correctors. I’ve tried a similar concept to this one from NYX. If I had to compare the two, I much prefer this one. The Sleek Colour Corrector has 6 different correctors to choose from. Firstly, I use this after I apply my primer and before my foundation. Here’s a simple breakdown of the colours as I always feel that this comes in handy when trying to decide which colour to apply where on your face.

    Green – Used to cover any redness. I usually use this on my cheeks and near my nose as this is where I get the most scars and blemishes.

    Lilac – Used to neutralise any yellow tones. This is perfect for when your skin is looking quite dull and needs some extra brightness.

    Blue – This corrects any orange tones which is the ideal colour to use to cover freckles and hide high pigmentation.

    Rose – This adds radiance and brightens dark spots. I love using this as a base for my concealer. It neutralises my under eyes and makes them ready for a proper cover up.

    Yellow – This neutralises purple tones which makes it perfect for correcting veins and covering up heavy dark circles under the eyes.

    Orange – This neutralises blue tones and is the ideal shade for covering dark circles on medium-toned skin.

    It’s common knowledge that you won’t be using all the colours in one go – we only have one face after all. I mostly use the green, lilac and rose correctors but I’ve used all of them on different occasions. The colours blend nicely into the skin and they smooth my face, ready for my foundation application. All in all, it’s a good palette to have and very travel friendly.

    Notorious Nude comes from a family of six shades. Although I prefer darker colours for the A/W season, this is the perfect nude to own in your collection. This lip crayon glides on smoothly on the lips and has a creamy and long-lasting formula. It gives off a satin finish and is the ideal everyday nude shade. It is a sharpenable crayon. I would have preferred a twist-up but I can live with that as the colour pay-off is gorgeous. Make sure you don’t have chapped lips when wearing this one as it gives off a tingling sensation when wearing the colour.

    Which Sleek product should I try next?  

    Lyn x

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