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    Discovering new skincare brands and products has become a recent passion of mine. A few months ago, I was generously gifted a Declare skincare package by Paloma Cosmetics Ltd. It seems like such a long time ago but that’s the thing with skincare. I like to try them out for quite some time before I give out my honest review about the products. I don’t want to publish a review and get a serious weird reaction a couple of weeks later. I can assure you that this did not happen with these products. They were simply great for my sensitive skin.

    The Declare Soft Cleansing Gel is probably my favourite out of the bunch. Let me start by saying that this Soft Cleansing range is mostly aimed for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin needs gentle yet thorough cleansing and this gel is aimed to do just that. It contains ingredients to promote softness as it gently cleanses and purifies the skin. As with most of the products below, I prefer using this in the morning as I feel it wakes up my skin and helps give it that refreshed look. You can also use this as an eye-makeup remover. Just dab a few spurts (is that a word? I think so) on a cotton pad and gently cleanse your eyelids. Its gentle and soothing ingredients prevent any itchiness or rashes.

    The Declare Ocean’s Best is from their Hydro Balance range and this range is mostly aimed at giving the right moisture to the skin. It is perfect for dry skin but it is also suitable for sensitive skin. This product is an effective combination of sea minerals, trace elements and algae and seaweed extracts which help with counteracting signs of stress and fatigue. It is said to provide a 24hr moisturising effect and I can certainly vouch for that. My skin has never looked better. It looks fresh and healthy after I apply this moisturiser. It’s also known for its anti-aging effects as it is said to smoothen out wrinkles and to provide active cell protection.

    The Hydro Intensive Mask is another product from the Hydro Balance range. This mask provides an instant boost of hydration. I like to use it on a Sunday morning when my skin is looking a little dull from the week’s stressful events. This mask is to be applied on a cleansed face and neck. Give it a good 10 minutes and rinse it with water. It feels just like a moisturiser and you can barely feel it on your skin but the after-effect is so rewarding. You can also put this mask in the fridge for a few minutes before applying it for an enhanced refreshed effect.

    I left these two products for last as I only had a tiny sample so I could not try them as well as the other three products. First up is the Gentle Cleansing Powder from the Soft Cleansing range. This product is quite original as it’s in a powder form. You have to place a small amount of powder on your hand and mix it with water which turns into a foam. It is soap free and pH neutral which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. This powder is said to remove make-up, dead skin cells and cleanses impurities. It is also suitable to be used as a shaving foam.

    The Hydro Boost Duo Care Fluid comes from the Hydro Balance clan. Its ocean qualities provides the skin with supple moisture and helps it to relax and regenerate. Similar to the Ocean’s Best moisturiser, it provides a 24hr moisture and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. For application, warm a few drops of the product in the palm of your hand and massage it gently to face and neck.

    Any Declare products that I should try? Let me know!

    Lyn x


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