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    A few days ago, I posted a picture on Instagram showing you my everyday make-up and a lot of you wanted to know which products I was slapping on my face everyday. Well, let me tell you, lately I’ve been obsessed with Flormar make-up and I’m so addicted that these products are seriously all I’ve been using. Call the addiction police! 

    I like to start things off with a primer and the Illuminating Primer does the job. Even though I’m not surrounded by Malta’s humidity anymore, I still use a primer as a make-up base so everything else follows smoothly. The primer doesn’t make my skin red which is always a bonus. Next up is the Mat Touch Foundation and this is, by far, one of the best foundations I have tried in a while. It has a matte finish but provides a very luminous glow which is perfect for my taste since I like my make-up to stay on for long but still look natural on the skin. It has Vitamin E ingredients to keep the skin soft and healthy looking.

    The Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer is my saviour. Lately, I’ve been reaching for it more than my Urban Decay Naked concealer and that’s saying something. I use the lightest shade and I was told you can also use this as a highlighter. I tend to just use it after I apply my foundation to conceal the dark stressful bags under my eyes. It has a pinkish but also salmony colour which does wonders to cover up dark circles. If I look alive in the morning, it’s thanks to this concealer. To finish off my base, I use the Loose Powder in the shade Beige Sand. This was my first experience using a loose powder and if you overlook the mess I seem to make every single time I open this thing, I’m loving it more than a compact powder. I sincerely believe that this powder is the reason my make-up stays on for the whole day. It does a good job in setting everything in place but also doesn’t make my face look too cakey or too matte.

    img_9602 img_9605

    Moving on to the eyes, I like to apply a simple basic look during the day. For eyeshadow, I’m loving the Matte Mono Eye Shadow. Lately, I’ve been altering between the shades Chocolate Brown or Sugar Plum. When I’m using Sugar Plum, I love to apply this all over the lid while when I opt for Chocolate Brown I tend to just apply it in my crease area and leave it at that. These shadows are really pigmented and blend like a dream. I also like using these under my lower lash line when I’m creating a heavier look. Eyeliner is next and it is the Style Matic Eyeliner in S10, in common terms a grey eyeliner. Someone wise once told me that I should start using a grey eyeliner instead of black since I have brown eyes. Buying this grey eyeliner was the best decision ever made in make-up history. It’s not as harsh as black but still dark and visible. This Flormar eyeliner is creamy and glides on my eyelid and eyeshadow with no problems whatsoever. It’s also a twist-up version which means no sharpening. Always a plus!

    img_9611 img_9607

    This next product is impressive. It’s the Rotating High Performance Volume Mascara. Yes, you heard that right…it rotates. It has a little button at the top of the cap which makes the wand rotate so that you can hit all the right eyelashes. It’s especially great for corners and to provide the necessary volume. If this awesome technology is not enough to catch you in its trap, the quality of the mascara is actually really good. It provides volume, length and does not make my lashes look spidery. The wand is not bulky which makes it easier for coating my lower lashes.

    img_9616 img_9619

    Bronzing time and the spotlight is on the Bronzing Powder in the shade Sun Kiss. This is seriously one of the biggest bronzers I have seen which does not make it very ideal for travelling which kind of sucks as I really want to take it everywhere with me. This bronzer is exceptionally good – not too orangey, not too shimmery. It has the right tones for an everyday bronzed look. The plus side of coming in a huge product is that a huge mirror comes with it. I have recently gotten into the highlighter on fleek trend and although I’ve still got a long way to go to be a professional highlighter (LOL), I like using the Terracotta Powder in Dual Gold. It’s a subtle highlighter which gives me just the right amount of shimmer I need. I’m not a fan of blusher but I found this Blush-On in Rose Gold is so neutral that it’s barely visible on my skin tone. That being said, it’s barely visible but still makes me look alive, if you know what I mean. It comes with a little brush, which I normally ignore, but it’s quite handy for travelling.

    img_9622 img_9610 img_9609

    Finally (if you’re still with me, hang in there guys, we’ve reached the end), lips! The Twist up Lipstick in Cranberry is one of my most worn shades at the moment. This lipstick is creamy and so comfortable to wear on the lips. I wouldn’t classify this shade as a plum shade, more of a darkish pink. It’s easy to wear and a twist up so easier to handle.

    img_9613 img_9615

    We’re done folks! That was a long one. Let me know if you have any favourite Flormar products. I’m sure you’ll see more of the brand on my blog!

    Lyn x

    Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder
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