• I’m Moving!


    I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now but I kept waiting for the right moment and for the right words to say it in. I might not have the biggest following but being a blogger in a small country means that once you put yourself out there, it’s very easy for people to come across one of your posts. Breaking important news to friends and family is hard but for some reason I’m finding this harder. I’ve hit the delete button a billion times already. Maybe it’s because by writing it down and publishing this post, I’m making my news official for literally anyone to see. It’s also becoming more real and official in my head as I try to put this down in words.


    So, here it goes…I’m moving to Glasgow this week and I’m both scared shitless and excited at the same time. I didn’t know two opposing and mixed emotions could exist in one person’s body as much as they do right now. I’ve never done anything crazy in my life. I’m not one keen on taking risks. This year I finished my Masters degree and decided I needed a change. I wanted a new experience. I needed the taste of a new beginning. I want the option of exploring my self. I’m not sure I’ve found my self yet but I want the possibility of finding that out too. I want to meet new people and work and develop a career that I am absolutely in love with. I want to start building my own life as scary and as exciting as this sounds.


    So I’m planning to move out for a year and see where I can go from there. I’ve always loved Malta and I always will. There are some breathtaking gems which we take very much for granted when we’re living and breathing in a country. I’m going to miss the daily intake of sunshine and sunsets by the beach. I’ll miss my favourite car ride from Wied iz-Zurrieq to Ghar Lapsi. I’m sure I’m going to long for a New York Best burger every once in a while. I’ll miss going to blogger events and all the cool and fun people I get to meet once I’m there. My life revolves around my family and friends and it’s going to break my heart that I won’t be seeing them whenever I feel like I need a good talk.But I need to do this for me. It’s time to step out of my comfort zone and do things that scare me but that I know will be good for me if that makes any sense.

    All this said, I’m still going to run this blog. You’re just going to see me in a different country. I’m still going to collaborate with Maltese companies and I have so many new collaborations ready to share with you. Let me know if you would like to see anything in particular regarding my new experience. I’d love to know.

    If you’re still reading this, thank you. I’ve poured my heart out and thanks for sticking till the end. Wish me luck!



    Lyn x

    Why I Moved
    A Little Bit of Vintage in my Life.

    Lyndsey Grima, 21 years old. University Student, living in Malta. A lover of all things fashion and beauty

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  1. natalie bonnici says:

    Good luck dear Lyndsey!! I’m sure you are going to shine xx

  2. Mark Debono says:

    Go for it Lyndz xx

  3. Robii says:

    Best of luck my dear friend . Enjoy it and take care. You will do wonders xxxxxxx

  4. Kelly says:

    Good luck and well done for taking the leap!

  5. Moira says:

    Good luck! I Just moved to Edinburgh and it does get lonely in the beginning, but it will get better. Scotland is lovely and there are so many things to do you will never get bored.

  6. Carmen says:

    Dear Lyndsey

    Thank you for this blog! Well done! I came across this article because recently I added your mother in FB. We are related. I remember your mother when she was very young. She was always very sharp and very smart. May I take this opportunity to wish you all the luck in the world as you embark on this adventure. May God bless you and may He guide your steps! Take care! Carmen Mangion x

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