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    Hair care is not my expertise but I’ve recently been experimenting with products and accessories and I might have found my ideal routine. When it comes to my hair, I like to keep things low maintenance. I’m not one to spend hours fixing my hair and I’m never going to be the girl who wakes up an hour earlier to blow dry my mane.

    Here are a few fixes which are low key but also keep my hair in a happy state.


    The Head & Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner saved my hair from a very dandruffed state. Dandruff hadn’t been a problem since my teenage years but lately I noticed that it started popping up again. I tried this duo and it vanished after a few washes. I reckon the sensitive scalp aspect of the shampoo did the trick.

    My hair is currently ombre with blonde bits at the edges so a silver shampoo is a must to keep the blonde looking golden instead of turning into an orange fiasco. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Schwarzkopf Colour Freeze Silver Shampoo.  I use it before applying my conditioner and it does its job perfectly.

    The Tangle Teezer has transformed my hair care routine. I no longer spend precious minutes trying to get rid of my knots. I simply brush through my hair to get a silky smooth mane. It’s a miracle in a brush.

    I spray a few sprits of the Dove Oxygen Moisture Spray on wet hair to give my hair a little bit of a boost. My hair tends to stay flat at the roots and this helps to give it a tad more volume.

    The V05 Plump it Up Dry Shampoo is my best friend, especially after that sweaty workout at the gym. When I don’t have the time or energy to wash my hair, this product comes in very handy. A few sprays at the roots and my hair is transformed into one-day-old-hair instead of two or three.

    The Invisibobble are something that I use daily. When I’m working at home, in front of a laptop, I love putting my hair up in a bun. These hair ties are perfect since they’re designed not to leave any marks on your hair. They also don’t grip your hair too tightly as this may sometimes cause headaches.

    What are your favourite hair products? Let me know!

    The Tangle Teezer and Invisibobble are available from Cortex Ltd.

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