• My Olaplex Experience

    A few months ago I was invited by Stranje Hairdressing in Attard to test out the Olaplex treatment. If you haven’t heard anything about this treatment yet, it’s about time that you do as it might save your damaged hair.


    Olaplex takes care of the damaged ends of your hair normally caused by the constant use of hair dye. In simpler terms, it helps to bond the hair together. It is used in salons as an additive to colour and lightener but it can also be applied as a treatment on its own. This make the hair stronger, look healthier and the colour should last longer while also looking more vibrant.

    There are three steps to this treatment. Treatment 1 and 2 are usually done in the salon. The last step is a take-home treatment which you can use to further strengthen your hair.


    After testing out this treatment, I noticed that my hair felt softer and lighter. It looked even healthier after I applied the take-home treatment. I would definitely recommend this treatment!

    IMG_8844 IMG_8882

    Here’s a Before and After!

    If you’re looking for more info, contact Stranje Hairdressing on their Facebook page! They’d be happy to help. 

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