• Finding Inner Peace

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    Kimono: Marcadee Anju’ Accessories // Swimsuit: Missguided // Skirt: River Island // Necklace: Mvintage // Hat: H&M

    These shots are very special to me. It’s not because it’s the best outfit I’ve ever worn or the best shoot I’ve ever had. They’re special because this is the first outfit post in which I’m not wearing a scratch of make-up on and I am actually ok with that. Better yet, I felt super comfortable behind the camera. I usually get all made-up when I know that I will be shooting my outfit. Growing up, I was never comfortable leaving the house bare-faced. At least, I had to put some mascara on!

    I started to notice a change in the last couple of months. I’d like to say I’ve made peace with how my body looks like and how my skin looks like au naturel. This is not to say that I don’t have my down days where I feel I would be happier and more confident if everything looked different. But I realised that finding inner peace is so important to being happy in life. Trying to live a healthier lifestyle has definitely helped me realise that I can focus my energy on getting stronger rather than skinnier, getting healthier rather than prettier.

    This doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned make-up and getting all dressed up. It simply means that I feel and look perfectly fine when I don’t! And it’s such a refreshing outlook on life!

    Lyn x

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