• A Closer Look at Sam Selby


    Sam Selby was one of Fashion Week’s highlights. While I have already written about this collection here, I think it is only fair to take a closer look at ‘The Sirena Collection’ to admire its magnificent beauty.

    This collection is made up of bright and bold statement pieces crafted from sea sediment. This photoshoot, shot at MedAsia Playa fits perfectly into the design. The poolside and the summer breeze aided the pieces to shine in their element. Since I have already spoken about this collection in the previous post, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

    13680819_1002703383179258_8219267819701654464_n 13592205_995419723907624_6396239129495815222_n 13606523_1176331175764747_6724013560439352636_n 13615079_998230583626538_7003921436460546761_n 13681004_1000666243382972_2173429188898107651_n

    Photography by Bernard Polidano, Make-up by Natasha Polidano, Styling by Dorianne Mamo, Outfits by Accessorize, Malta.

    The Sirena Collection is available to all those who enjoy donning a bold, distinctive creation at a click of a button. http://www.sam-selby.com/#!collections/cee5

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