• #MFWA2016 Milica Trickovic

    Milica Trickovic presented the ‘Hunter’ collection on the last day of the shows. This collection is said to represent the eternal hunger of a woman for splendour and her longing to catch the glamorous lifestyle through her clothing.

    Forms, shapes and textures were experimented with. I, especially liked the pieces in the beginning. The pastel blue made the pieces look elegant, feminine and sexy. Pieces with different textiles, prints and fabric made the collection stand out from all the rest. The aim of this collection is for a woman to be anyone she want to be by the way she dresses.

    IMG_9128 IMG_9130 IMG_9132 IMG_9135 IMG_9139 IMG_9147

    Lyn x

    Elemis Press Event
    #MFWA2016 Gagliardi

    Lyndsey Grima, 21 years old. University Student, living in Malta. A lover of all things fashion and beauty

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