• #MFWA2016 Eymeric Francois

    Witnessing his collection last year as part of the ‘International Designers’ show, Eymeric Francois left us all in awe at his amazing pieces. This year was no exception. Eymeric’s pieces radiate elegance, femininity while also embracing sensuality. This designer tries to channel mythical characters in his pieces and at one point I really though I was witnessing something from Malificent.

    Models paraded around the catwalk with embroidered masks and the detail in Eymeric’s pieces is incredible. From sheer skirts to evening gowns; from dark shades to pink details slowing ending with a nude piece…we really saw and loved it all. He strives to make every woman feel like a legend and witnessing the collection first-hand, I felt that he surely achieved just that.

    IMG_8859 IMG_8860 IMG_8862 IMG_8863 IMG_8866 IMG_8875 IMG_8876 IMG_8877 IMG_8881

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