• Rimmel Provocalips 16Hr Kiss Proof Lip Colours

    As I believe I said in my previous post about Rimmel, I think that their products have improved greatly ever since it started out as a brand. These Provocalips have been around for quite some time now but was sent 4 shades to let you know what I think about them!


    First up, thumbs up for the packaging. Every lip colour is made up of two ends; on one end there’s the lip colour and on the other there’s the gloss which also helps to set the colour in place. The shade is very similar to the actual lip colour in the tube. There is a doe foe applicator on both ends which makes it easier to apply the colour. It has a very runny formula so you really need to thread carefully here.


    The formula of the lighter shades are not opaque and I needed at least two coats for the desired colour. It was easier to get the right colour with the darker shades although I feel you have to be more cautious with these to try not to make any mistakes when applying them. The top coat makes them less sticky and more comfortable to wear. The best thing about them is that they last ALL day and they are kiss-proof (as in the name). The worst thing about them…they’re a pain to remove! That’s the price you pay for longevity, I guess! To remove them I first use micellar water to loosen the colour then go in with my Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil.

    The Shades

    IMG_8066 (1)

    Skinny Dipping is a brown nude shade and this colour proved me wrong. I thought I wasn’t going to like it but it’s the shade that I wear the most out of the four. This needs a few coats to get the full colour.

    IMG_8070 (1)

    Dare to Pink is the least shade I like. I’m not so fond with pinks but I can see how people would love this if pink is a colour that suits them. This also isn’t the most opaque colour of the bunch.


    Berry Seductive is a cherry shade which is perfect for the summer months. It’s also great if you want to wear something bright and dark but not as dark as a berry shade.


    Play with Fire is the shade I feel most comfortable with. It’s a dark shade that screams my name. What’s not to love about it?

    You can also buy the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipliner to stop the colour from smudging!


    Rimmel Provocalips retail for €9.15 and The Moisture Renew Lipliner for €4.68.


    Lyn x

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