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    I have been secretly trying out a product for the last couple of weeks which I couldn’t blog about until yesterday’s official launch! I’m here to introduce GLOV; the chemical-free and easy-to-use product that will rid you off your make-up in a few seconds. No, it isn’t too good to be true. GLOV does it all!


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    Developed with the latest magnetic micro technology, all you need to use with GLOV is simply water. Removing all your make-up, GLOV cleanses the skin, making the face feel pure and soft even till the next morning. Having tried and tested this product, I found that although it removes all the day’s make-up, if you have heavy eye-makeup or a really bold lip, it removes a significant amount of the make-up but it does not remove it completely. At yesterday’s event, we were told that if you cannot remove any part of your make-up with GLOV, then it is not healthy for the skin and that is something to really think about when buying make-up from different brands. More often than not, it removes all my make-up and I even skip my nightly cleaner! It’s THAT good!

    GLOV can also be used as a replacement step to the cleanser. In fact, it feels really refreshing to use this product first thing in the morning to help you wake up and get ready for the day. It prepares your skin for the following steps in your morning routine.

    Apart from being the most natural way to remove your make-up, you needn’t worry about what skin-type you are since it is perfect for all, even sensitive. I can vouch for the last part. Whenever I have to use a face-cloth for my face, my skin flares up like it’s on fire. With GLOV, my skin remains intact; there is no sign of any redness.

    The best thing is that you can use it and clean it in the shower. After a night-out, I would want to get things done as quickly as possible. So having a chemical-free product which I can also use simultaneously while taking a shower earns bonus points from me.

    After you’re ready from your make-up removal, just wash GLOV with soap and water and it’s ready for the next day’s use. It’s recommended that you do not wash this product in the washing machine. If this product is used everyday, it is said to last up to 3 months which is quite good for the relatively cheap price you pay. GLOV Comfort (which is the one I own) retails for €14.90. There is also a travel-size version called GLOV On The Go which retails for €12.90.

    If you’ve tried GLOV already, let me know what you think! If you haven’t, I suggest you go get yourself one since it’s already available in leading pharmacies.

    Plus, head over to my Instagram and watch me use GLOV!

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