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    Lately, my Instagram feed has been buzzing with something I’m very proud of; healthy food & snacks. I’ve recently purchased the recipe book by Ella Woodward, Deliciously Ella, and I’ve had my behind stuck in the kitchen ever since. Truth be told, I’ve been trying to eat healthier way before this book arrived at my doorstep. Although, I’m a massive candy-hoarder, I tried my best to cut down my sweet intake. I always thought that I could never go a day without satisfying my sweet-tooth when in fact, with just the right amount of will-power, I slowly started replacing my cravings with a healthier sweet taste such as fruit.


    I had been eyeing Deliciously Ella for a while but the reason behind finally buying this book is quite interesting. I’ve become aware of the large number of preservatives and additives that’s in supposedly healthy food. So, I decided to whenever I can, make my own meals and snacks. That way I would know exactly what I’m consuming into my own body. I made my own Cinnamon Pecan Granola which has become my go-to breakfast meal. There is just the right amount of cinnamon in this recipe to satisfy sweet cravings. You’d think something as heavenly as Nutella is irreplaceable. WRONG. I made a Cacao and Hazelnut Spread which tastes divine! I thought that making your own food would take up a lot of your time but really both these recipes took about 30-45 mins tops. The only disadvantage is that it will definitely be more expensive to make your own granola (as with other food) rather than buying it ready-made. I’ve personally decided that eating clean is worth slightly upping the price.

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    Deliciously Ella has now become my bible so make sure to keep on checking my Instagram for more yummy goodness!


    Share your healthy recipes/ books with me in the comment below.


    Lyn x


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