• A Little Bit of Vintage in my Life.

    Sometimes a new addition to your collection is all you need to make it look and feel more you. Currently, I’m obsessed with anything that looks like a vintage cereal box or milk cartoon and there are plenty of cute items on the market. Here’s a few of my Asos favourites! Keep checking back on the site as the items are regularly updated (they’re normally located in the Gifts section).


    However, if you want to buy similar items from somewhere local, Butlers is the place to go. I went a little crazy when I saw all the vintage-y items on display. So many to choose from! A tin, like the one below, is definitely useful for storing all the bits and bobs I keep near my bedside table and my make-up brushes look more presentable in that smaller Rice-Krispies tin.


    IMG_6478 IMG_6480


    Lyn x


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