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    Can you be obsessed with a nail product that is not actually a nail polish? I’m a living proof that this can indeed occur as it’s currently happening to me with Rimmel’s Nail Nurse Nail Base & Top Coat. You all know how much I love Rimmel’s Rita Ora collection; I’ve raved about it pretty much everywhere on my social media. This 5 in 1 product ‘for smoother, stronger, longer, moisturised and shinier nails’ makes me love my weekly routine of changing up my nail polish colour even more. I only discovered this product after smashing my trusty Revlon Multi Care Base + Top Coat all over my bedroom floor. After looking everywhere for a top coat in my endless nail polish collection, I found Nail Nurse in my stash of products which I need to test out. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I’m glad I was a klutz with Revlon but I’m quite happy with being introduced to Nail Nurse even though the circumstances where unfortunate.


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    I can’t say how this product works best as the combination of using it both as a base coat and as a top coat is how I normally utilise it. It gives the nail colour a nice shine and it minimises chipping…a lot! My nails normally start chipping off after 3-4 days. Using Nail Nurse prolongs the colour for around a week. In fact, I used it before I went on holiday and my nail polish stayed put way after I got back! Another bonus! Nobody wants to waste time from sightseeing to maintain chipped nails.


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