• Photo Diary: Rome



    Dear Roma, you’ve been good to me. Even though you could possibly overcook an egg on my shoulders every time I stepped out of our hotel door and I definitely haven’t worn this many above-the-knee clothing items for a while; the heat didn’t stop us from roaming around the beautiful city. I won’t bore you with all the details of the places we’ve visited. Since it was my first time in Rome, we made sure to see all the touristic places and ate all the gelato we could find. Getting all the sightseeing done in the early hours left us time to explore the city by night and that’s when I feel in love. There is something about the dimly lit city squares which made we wish I could stay there forever. One such location is Tevere; taking a walk along the river and having dinner at one of the many restaurants overlooking it is just magical.


    IMG_1091 IMG_6125 IMG_6220 IMG_6169

    IMG_6127 (1) IMG_6141 IMG_6151 IMG_6168 IMG_1144 IMG_1173 IMG_6173 IMG_6183 IMG_6187 IMG_6217


    Until next time, Rome.  


    Lyn x


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  1. mariel says:

    aaaahaahhaaa!!! you’ve made me want to go again!!! Such a beautiful city <3 glad you enjoyed it pupa xx

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