• World Book Day

    Whether it’s ‘Pancake Day’ or ‘Nutella Day’ or ‘Hug a Short Person Day’ you’re bound to see it all over Facebook. Today is ‘World Book Day’ and I saw a HUGE discrepancy in the use of social media to remind everyone the significance of today. Why is that? I think people should reconsider the importance of reading, whether it’s reading from a traditional print book or from an e-reader. Being an English student, I realise that this might come across as biased but I honestly believe that reading can be considered as one means of taking a break from your real life and engulf yourself into somebody else’s problems and experiences.

    I, for one, definitely don’t need a specific day to convince me to buy books. There is a high probability that if I go into a book shop, I’ll spend hours there and never leave without at least one lucky winner. But why not take advantage on a day like today and benefit from a 25% discount at Agenda?!


    Any Paola Coelho fans here? Have you read this book and did you enjoy it?

    To all you book lovers…did you purchase anything today?

    Lyn x

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