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    Although my interests are wide and the content I put up on the blog may vary, be it beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel etc., fashion shows will always have that special place in my heart. I enjoy watching the new IT styles and seeing what brands and designers have to offer every season. I also envy (in a good way) the models walking up and down the catwalk, wondering how on earth they can look so beautiful and majestic while simultaneously concentrating on their long dresses and high heels.

    Last Sunday marked International Women’s Day,and a couple of days before that, I was invited to a fashion show held at the InterContinental Malta in St. Julians to celebrate this occasion over a fashion show featuring Promod, LIST Malta and Maltese designer Jesmond Sammut.

    Promod and LIST Malta showed a very promising style perfect for the upcoming spring season. The options vary from pastel colours, bright yellow cardigans and cobalt blue blazers from Promod. For those of you who still love wearing dark colours in spring/summer, there’s something in there for you too, especially from LIST’s collection. Here’s what caught my eye from these two brands.

    IMG_3417 IMG_3435 IMG_3442 IMG_3447 IMG_3453 IMG_3458 IMG_3505 IMG_3508

    IMG_3472 IMG_3478


    It is also a pleasure to witness exquisite Maltese talent and Yesusdemaris by Jesmond is just that, exquisite. The intricate details in his pieces are something to look out for and definitely makes him stand out from the crowd. The delicate jumpsuits were my personal favourites. Here are a few shots to judge for yourselves.

    IMG_3520 IMG_3528 IMG_3534 IMG_3536 IMG_3552 IMG_3570 IMG_3576 IMG_3578 IMG_3583



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