• The Maxi Cardigan

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    A few days ago I posted on my Facebook page (here) the behind the scenes version of these pictures. I hope you all had a good laugh…I know I did! The reason why I posted that photo was that I wanted you to know that a lot more goes on behind the scenes than these few presentable photos in this post.

    The weather was perfect to take my maxi cardigan and light pair of jeans out for a stroll on the beach. I was never more happy for a little bit of wind since it made the mandatory cardigan swoosh a tad easier.


    IMG_3077 copy IMG_3094 copy IMG_3103

    IMG_3095 copy IMG_3130 copy IMG_3159 IMG_3160

    Maxi Cardigan: New Look// Top: Boohoo// Jeans: River Island// Shoes: Aldo// Necklace: Mvintage


    Lyn xx



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  1. Desiree' says:

    Love the way you styled the cardi… the outfit could have gone so wrong but it looks flawless 🙂 Des | theanti-tourist.blogspot.com

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