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    My name is Lyndsey Grima. After five hours at work, I went to the Point with only one goal: to get some Aldo boots! Bonus points if you read that with an ‘Arrow’ singalong version in mind.

    I have been eyeing and admiring Aldo’s boots for a while now and I knew that a purchase was going to happen sooner or later. Turns out that it happened sooner than I thought!


    The first thing I saw this morning on my Facebook news feed was that Aldo were having a €20 off on their fall boots. There was no time for contemplation! I had to go grab me some new booties!

    If you’re dying to see which pair of boots made the cut as much as I’m dying to show you…here you go!


    IMG_2731 IMG_2739


    I have come to the conclusion that when taking spontaneous decisions about clothes or shoes, it is always for the best. This pair was already reduced from €99 to €69 because it was one of The Clouded Revolution‘s picks. With another €20 off, these beauties were all mine for €49! How’s that for a quick visit to Aldo?!


    A number of you have been requesting outfit posts and since you seem to enjoy them as much as I do, a lot of those will be coming your way soon. Watch out for the appearance of these Aldo boots!


    This offer is valid from 28th November till 30th November!



    Lyn xx

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