• Prague Chronicles

    After my weekend in Vienna (see post here) it was time for a little bit more travelling. Unfortunately, I spent three days sick in bed with fever in Brno (the city where my boyfriend is living at the moment). But nothing was going to stop me from enjoying my Prague weekend! After a lot of sleep, Panadols and lozenges, I finally felt better just in time for the fun.


    With a Starbucks hot chocolate in hand we did a lot of walking around the city. From picturesque views to John Lennon pubs and walls, I appreciated every moment and sight that this city had to offer. And of course, the One Republic concert! All I’m going to say is that I woke up with absolutely no voice the day after. Incredible concert and dare I say that they actually sound so much better live!


    Here are some Prague shots for you!


    IMG_2430 IMG_2432 IMG_2447 IMG_2453 IMG_2498 IMG_2500 IMG_2510 IMG_2512 IMG_2513 IMG_2519 IMG_2532 IMG_2542 IMG_2544 IMG_2550 IMG_2554 IMG_2559 IMG_2563 IMG_2566 IMG_2577 IMG_2583 IMG_2625 IMG_2630 IMG_2634 IMG_2638 IMG_2643 IMG_2646 IMG_2654 IMG_2655 IMG_2660 IMG_2671

    1907915_10205151148961258_2477182453451614136_n 10426571_10152808199126460_879369580748061652_n



    Lyn xx


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