• Wishlist: Shoe Envy

    Remember me?


    Yes, I have been a little distant lately but here’s why. I’ve just started an MA course at the University of Malta and it’s slowly moving in and invading all of that free time I had during the summer months. Not that I’m complaining. I find myself most comfortable when my life is routine-based but occasionally I do get that summertime sadness.

    But don’t worry, you won’t get rid of me that easily. I have a number of posts in mind, some of which I have been hinting about on my Facebook page here. Until then, here’s my shoe wishlist. The reason I’ve only inserted shoes in this post is that I have a never-ending wishlist of all other clothing items! So if you’d like to see the other categories and you’ve enjoyed this post…let me know!



    Starting from the top left corner, going clockwise


    1. Asos ENTER THE DRAGON Chelsea Leather Ankle Boots: Snakeskin has got to be my favourite pattern and these Asos Chelsea boots are the definition of gorgeous! Everybody needs a good ‘out-there’ pair of boots to make a seemingly boring outfit come alive.


    2. Missguided Lilly Peep Toe Cut Out Shoe Boots Mocha: This pair is probably my favourite out of the four. We’re all well aware that Malta works hand in hand with sunny days so even though it’s a peep toe pair, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of it even in the winter season. Or at least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself!


    3. River Island Black Suede Block Heel Ankle Boots: Black is always my go-to colour when I’m feeling uninspired and/or am in a rush. These boots go with absolutely everything, from a casual pair of jeans, to a cute little dress. They’re definitely a must-have!


    4. River Island Dark Brown Block Heel Chelsea Boots: Another River Island pair. Another Chelsea boots. Another block heel pair. But they’re all very unique right? Right?!


    Apart from justifying my reasons why I’d like to buy four pairs of boots this winter, I hope this gave you some inspiration or temptation into what kind of shoe you want to go for this season. Hopefully, we won’t end up buying all four! I’ll be very happy but I have a feeling my credit card won’t be.


    Lyn xx



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