• IT Style 1st Year Anniversary



    Yesterday was a very eventful day indeed. I’m writing this post half asleep and with very tired feet but YOLO. Do people say that anymore? I don’t think so but until I pick up on the latest big world in our youngsters’ lives, I’ll keep using it.


    The first event of the day (you’ll know more about the second one tomorrow) was hosted by IT Style Malta due to their 1st year anniversary from opening their store at The Point, Sliema. I couldn’t just ignore an invitation which provided an excuse to buy more make-up. I justified this by constantly reminding myself that all products were going to be at a discounted price. It worked because I came home with two new make-up items and a very generous gift bag.


    Here’s what went down!


    IMG_1492 IMG_1493 IMG_1494 IMG_1496 IMG_1498


    Here’s what I bought…a liquid eyeliner and a brow pencil


    What was in the gift bag! Thank you IT Style!

    Visit IT Style Malta at The Point, Sliema Level -2. Check out their Facebook page here

    Lyn xx


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