• My Top 5 Anatomicals Products

    I’ve mentioned the brand Anatomicals before and I’m sure you’ve heard all about it. To put it simply, it’s the brand with really great products and really cool and sometimes weird product names! I’m a huge fan of Anatomicals mainly due to the fact that although the products perform really well, they are very inexpensive which is the best thing for my budget right now.


    Obviously I haven’t tried all of the Anatomicals products but the below 5 are my top products, tried and tested! Check out their website here and their official Facebook page here.


    5. Snog me Senseless Peppermints– See, what did I tell you about the names?! I never leave the house without these trusty mints. My breath is super fresh after I pop one of these, especially after my morning coffee. The price is super cheap, that being €2.50 per box and they last for such a long time that you’ll probably be too old for snogging anyway!




    4. Zap Zap Zap Gets That Chap Spot Stick– I have an old review of this product which you can view here. Basically, I’ve been using this thing ever since I bought it and if the concept of soul mates exists, then I’m convinced that this is my one and only. You basically apply this product on a ‘newborn’ spot and you will definitely see a diminished version by the next day. The price is €4.50 which is a really good deal to remove all those nasty unwanted minions.




    3. Headache Relief Balm Oy You Throbhead– This balm is also something I carry in my handbag every single day. I tend to get pretty bad, out-of-the-blue migraines for various reasons, either because I’m PMS-ing, or because it’s too sunny or because the weather’s too dull and humid or even just for the hell of it. This product has saved my life and made my headaches just a little bit easier to live with. This retails at the price of €5.00.




    2. Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches– This product is something you definitely need in your life. They are just the BOMB for making you look more alive when you’re feeling and looking dead and puffy. For the price of €7.50 you get three sachets of eye patches. You leave them on for 30 minutes and voila! You’re left with more presentable eye bags. I also find that my concealer tends to apply smoother after I use these.



    1. Hydrating and Purifying Face Mask Kit– You all know my love for the Anatomicals face maks. They are my favourite things to use after a stressful day. In fact, I’m in need of buying a new pack and I can’t wait to use them again! Both these masks are so refreshing that my face feels super clean even 2 days later! This pack costs €5.00 or you can buy them separately for €2.75 if you prefer one and not the other. I personally like them both since I love spicing up my mask routine and use different ones every now and then. Here’s an old review about the Botanical Purifying Tea Tree Face Mask.


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    There you have it…these are my top 5 products from Anatomicals. This post is based on my personal opinion about these products but I’d love to know which products are your favourite from the brand. Leave a comment down below or contact me on my Facebook page here.


    Lyn xx


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