• If You’re A Student, This Is For You

    Hey guys!
    Are you nearing the end of another scholastic year? Are you stressed and going out of your mind due to the ever approaching finals/tests? Then keep on reading!
    I seriously feel that I might be going crazy till mid June but this right here has made me feel so much better. ANATOMICALS STUDENT GIVEWAY! It has everything to accompany me in my stressful life at the moment. 20 EUR which are going to save my life and my sanity. Here’s what you get in this pack:
    1. Headache Balm- If you’re like me and tend to get constant headaches from studying which prevent you from further studying, this is your holy grail. Just a few rubs on your temples and you’re set to keep on procrastinating studying.
    2. Sleep Balm- Are you worrying too much and can’t seem to get some sleep? This balm has such a soothing smell which will instantly have you dozing off and counting sheep. You should apply this balm just like the above headache balm and you’re off to dreamy land.
    3. Anti-Stress Face Mask- I can’t wait to try this out! What better way to de-stress than a CHOCOLATE face mask. Go on! You deserve a few minutes to just sit back, relax and embrace the chocolate smell!
    4. Silk Sleep Mask- I have always wanted one of these. I’m sure it will make me feel like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. But I’m almost sure I won’t wake up so elegant and pretty!
    5. Revitilising Eye Cream- It is on stressful days like these that no amount of concealer will cover the bags under my eyes. This eye cream will help keep your under eyes feel moisturised and looking less like you’ve spent the night crying over a pile of notes and books.
    6. Puffy Eye Patches- I’ve tried these and believe me they work wonders! Good riddance to puffy eyes! If your eyes are looking like you’ve just been punched in the face, try these eye patches and you will be good as gold!
    I told you this will sound like heaven right! It was the right pick me up for me and I’m sure it will be for you too! Help yourself to relieve your stressful student life by buying this amazing pack through here.
    A note to all my fellow freaked out students: Just one more push and this will all be over soon. Give it your all and do your best. The end result will be worth it in the end!
    Lyn xxx
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    Lyndsey Grima, 21 years old. University Student, living in Malta. A lover of all things fashion and beauty

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  1. Elladollar says:

    I need this ! I’m super stressed about finals !


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