• Spotted: Art Attack

    Hey guys!
    If you’re a 90s kid then Art Attack was probably one of your greatest addiction. Even though I used to watch it in Italian (which meant that I didn’t understand a single word that he was saying) I always anxiously waited for the bird’s eye view moment to see what he created. I also spent at least half an hour trying to see how the hell he managed to create what he did.
    I introduced this little Art Attack ramble for the sake of its logo. Let me refresh your memory:


    It remained plastered in my mind and I’m sure it’s in yours too. A little style update right here: you can officially start wearing this. Not actually the logo BUT the print! This season is all about being bold and an art print like this one will surely help you achieve that. This is what I’m talking about (pictures all taken from Porter magazine).
    Needless to say, I suggest that if you’re going to wear this trend, to keep the rest of your outfit very basic. If you’re wearing an art print skirt, pair it up with a basic top. However, when I say basic that doesn’t have to mean black. You can experiment with the other colours found in that art print piece. Just keep it to one solid colour. You wouldn’t want people to think you’ve successfully escaped a children’s playschool!
    I’ve actually already made my art print purchase (not in the below pictures) which you will see me wearing soon enough after I get out of PJs mode. Did you know I’m writing my thesis?! It’s not like I talk about it all the time. Yes, that was a very sarcastic comment. Anyway, here are my favourite art print pieces out there at the moment.
    Zara Printed Asymmetric Skirt
    Zara Printed Dress
    Boohoo Lucy Paint Stroke Bodysuit
    Asos Evil Twin Paint War Crop Top

    Lyn xxx

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