• March 2014: My Go-to Places and Products

    Hey guys!

    So in the last couple of weeks I realised that I have been looking at stores/websites for specific items or products. So here’s a little post with quite a lot of rambling about what I look for in particular places. I hope this will make your life easier in finding what you want straight away!
    Clothing: Okay, so this term is quite generic. I have my own favourite shops/websites where I look for specific clothing items. However, if I need to form a quick outfit for an evening event which I still don’t know what I’m going to wear (it happens more often than you’d think), my go-to store is definitely New Look. There is something for everyone and it is very easy to mix and match separate items which in turn, go very well together at the same time: starting from the basics of your preferred outfit to matching shoes and accessories. If I want to splurge a little more (since I always end up buying a whole lot more than I need), Zara is the place to be! Have you checked out the store lately? I literally want to buy everything and I can’t wait for my birthday at the end of this month so I can go shop freely and happily.
    Jewellery: Definitely Mvintage. I cannot stress how much I love this, relatively new, stand/website. I normally buy stuff online and they are super quick to deliver (2-3 days max). You will definitely find something which will make a statement to the whole of your outfit. At the moment, I have my eye on a couple of necklaces and some pretty pastel earrings which I am planning to purchase very soon.
    SALES: Of course I simply adore the Zara sale and I was very happy with the outcome this year since I was there as soon as they opened and I got through sale shopping without all the chaos which happens as the day progresses. However, I also love the Boohoo and Asos sale. I can always snatch a great bargain (or five). The River Island website is to die for, especially when they do that Free International Shipping offer and they still have items on sale. DOUBLE YAY!
    Make-up: This is another very generic section but normally, whenever I need something really urgently, I use Catrice cosmetics since most of their products are of good quality and at a relatively cheap price. At the moment, I am loving their new Absolute Bright eyeshadow palette and their Made to Stay 8H Smoothing Lip Polish in the shade 050 Megan Fuchsia. I don’t like using foundation for everyday use, so I am using their Ultimate Moisture Fresh Skin Make Up in the shade 010 Light Beige.
    Lipsticks: However, I felt that lipsticks needed a category of their own. Although, I am liking my new Catrice lipstick in the shade 310 Red My Lips, my all-time favourites are the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. They are so easy to apply and I simply love how they do not budge or fade all day long. They are simply perfect for when I know I will not have time to constantly re-touch my make-up.
    I have been rambling for quite some time now so here’s what’s on my ever-expanding wish list at the moment:
    Zara Striped Dress
    Asos Dockland Plimsolls
    Zara Dress with Embellished Neckline
    Zara Printed Silk Top
    Zara Mini City Bag with Zip Details
    Zara Chain with Medallion
    Yes, I am very aware of the fact that most of what I want are from Zara. The heart wants what the hearts wants!!
    Let me know if I missed an essential item that is a big part of your list and I’d be happy to tell you guys where and how I normally acquire it.
    Lyn xxx 

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