• Spotted: Mellow Yellow

    Sometimes, I associate colours with an experience and the following memory is what comes attached with the shade yellow. I remember the day my mum came home with my first yellow top. When I look back at my younger years, I don’t consider myself being an adventurous person with regard to my clothing choices. I always went for the safer options and this yellow top seemed anything but safe. However, I remember feeling so pretty and elegant while twirling in this yellow cami top.

    I admit, I have a very limited section in my wardrobe dedicated to this colour but I bet it won’t stay like that for very long. I am falling head over heels with this colour. It doesn’t have to be a bright yellow to attract that little extra bit of attention. Pastel yellow is looking gorgeous in my books too!

    Here’s some inspiration to get you in the sunny mood 🙂

    And here are two of my favourite yellow pieces which are just a click away from Asos and Boohoo! Go on! Add that little extra sunshine to your outfit 🙂

    I’m sure I’ll be posting an outfit with my yellow inspired addition soon enough!
    Lyn xxx
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  1. Mariel Sacco says:

    Love it! I’m so obsessed with yellow right now: http://formersize6.blogspot.com/2014/02/lemon-topping.html

    x mar.s.

  2. Same here! Those blazers on your blog post are absolutely divine <3!

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