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    Hey guys!

    So this week I decided to apply a non-pastel nail polish to my nails as I’m sure you’ve had enough of my love affair with pastel colours. As I’ve been feeling a wintery vibe these past couple of weeks, I decided to go for a darker shade of purple and the lucky winner was IT Style’s purple nail polish, N.06

    As it says on the cap itself, this particular nail polish leaves off a gel look which gives a nice feel to the nails. I don’t normally go for purple shades, unless it’s a pretty lilac but I must say, this shade caught my eye as soon as I was looking at the extremely vast stand of nail polishes at the store. It is a strong, yet mature shade, perfect for everyday use but very applicable for when you have a formal meeting to attend to.

    No time to remove excess nail polish from my cuticle. YAY BUSY SCHEDULE!

    What I love about IT Style nail polishes is that they seem to dry off rather quickly and that’s great for someone like myself, since I always seem to mess up my manicure, thinking that the colour had dried ff completely.

    My nails chip off very easily but this particular brand seems to keep the colour intact for around four days, which is the right time for me and my nerves to not get annoyed about my nails chipping off quickly!

    As for the price range, I believe it was not more than 4 euros for a 10ml bottle, so that is quite fair for the great quality that I experienced from these nail polishes. These are the two IT Style nail polishes in my current collection. I say it’s time to re-stock 🙂

    N.6 and N. 124

    Have you tried the IT Style nail polishes yet? What are comments on the brand? 

    Lyn xx

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