• How I Wear: The Beanie

    We should thank the genius who invented this accessory every day. Sometimes, especially on bad hair days, it becomes a vital piece in our outfit and not just an accessory! The fun thing about wearing a beanie is that, besides keeping you super warm, it is very versatile, coming in different shapes, styles and colours. Here are three of my favourite styles and how I chose to pair them up.
    The Slogan Beanie
    This is my new favourite beanie style and I’m planning to order one online this week. It transforms any outfit into a laid back look so it is very suitable if you’ve got a busy day ahead and no time to change for an evening activity. I would prefer to wear this type of beanie straight up for an interesting twist.
    The Bobble Beanie
    There is no shame in feeling like a little girl bouncing away with a bobble beanie. This style gives off such a wintery feel that you can’t help feeling warm inside. I would suggest wearing your hair out with this beanie to give it a more simple and natural look.
    The Slouchy Beanie
    This is the perfect style for a lazy day. Wear this beanie by pushing it back on your head and leaving it loose. I’m also in love with the satchel in this picture!
    I hope this helped you to brighten up this gloomy Monday!
    Lyn x
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